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For those of you who are about to take your first sauna session, first-timers may have different questions regarding the sauna. Questions like: How do you use a sauna? How do you prepare for it? How do you maximize the benefits of a sauna session? These are some of the most common questions you might have. In today’s article, we’ll focus on what you should bring to the sauna.


14 Things You Should Bring to a Sauna

For your first sauna session, you must take:

A Towel

When using a sauna, having your own towel is essential. Not only does it help you stay comfortable by wiping away sweat, but it also provides privacy by wrapping around your body.

Plus, using a towel creates a barrier between you and the sauna bench, reducing the risk of picking up bacteria and preventing slipping due to sweat. Remember to wash your towel after each use to remove oils, sweat, and skin residue.

Opt for towels made from natural fabrics like high-thread-count linen or cotton—they’re perfect for sauna heat and sweaty conditions, allowing your skin to breathe comfortably.



If you prefer not to use a towel to cover yourself in the sauna, the best alternative is wearing a bathrobe. A bathrobe not only offers privacy but also ensures comfort and safety.

You can sit or lie on the sauna bench without worrying about slipping or spreading germs. In some public saunas where nudity isn’t allowed, a bathrobe or a towel is the most suitable option.

Given the extreme heat in the sauna, it’s advisable to opt for a bathrobe made of absorbent, lightweight, and breathable materials such as linen or cotton.



In warm public places like saunas, going barefoot is not advisable as it can be a breeding ground for fungus that causes diseases like athlete’s foot [1].

Therefore, it’s recommended to wear flip-flops or shower sandals in saunas. Inside the sauna, the extreme heat causes sweating, and the sauna floor can become slippery due to sweat.

To prevent slips, it’s best to wear non-slip flip-flops or shower sandals. Before entering the sauna, ensure that your flip-flops or shower sandals are clean, as dirt or debris on them might stain the sauna’s wooden floor.


Water bottle

The heat in a sauna causes a lot of sweating, so drinking water before and during a sauna session is essential to stay hydrated and replace fluids lost through sweating.

However, it’s crucial to be careful when choosing a water bottle for the sauna. Avoid bringing metal bottles as they can heat quickly and cause burns.

Also, steer clear of glass bottles because in the sweaty conditions of a sauna, they can slip and fall, and the high temperature can cause glass bottles to crack or even break.

Due to the high temperature in the sauna, it’s best to avoid plastic bottles as well, as the heat can cause plastic to leach into your water.

After checking some Reddit threads and answers on this topic, I found some helpful suggestions, such as bringing an insulated metal bottle with an insulating water bottle sleeve or an insulated Yeti-style tumbler, or even cycling water bottles.


Sauna hat

Sauna Hat

Wearing a sauna hat, typically made of materials like wool felt, in a sauna has several benefits. It covers your head, ears, and hair, protecting them from feeling too hot. Additionally, it helps prevent symptoms of overheating, such as nausea and dizziness.


A Book

Reading a book in a sauna is a highly productive way to pass the time. Since electronics like laptops and mobile phones aren’t allowed in saunas, your options for entertainment are limited, making a book the ideal choice.


Bluetooth Headphones

In the sauna’s hot and sweaty conditions, standard Bluetooth headphones are prone to damage. To ensure durability, it’s advisable to choose water-resistant Bluetooth headphones for sauna sessions.

With these headphones, you can indulge in your favorite tunes, enhancing your relaxation experience with calming and stress-relieving music.


Waterproof case for electronics

Sweat and humidity can damage electronics such as your phone, AirPods, fitness tracker, and smartwatches. That’s where waterproof cases come in, to protect your electronics in the sauna.



Wearing a swimsuit is a great choice for the sauna, but it’s important to be mindful of the material. Swimsuits made of PVC fabric can be uncomfortable in the sauna due to their lack of breathability. Opt for loose-fitting swimsuits made of natural fibers like linen or cotton for better comfort.

Don’t forget to wash your swimsuit after every sauna session. This ensures it stays clean each time you use it in the sauna and helps prevent the spread of bacteria.


Hair tie

Wearing a hair tie keeps your hair from falling into your face and prevents it from sticking due to sweat, which can be uncomfortable. It’s important to choose a hair tie or headband without any metal parts, as metal can heat up rapidly in the sauna and potentially cause burns.


Sauna Sand Timer

Keeping track of time in the sauna is crucial to avoid overheating, dehydration, and even heatstroke. While you can’t bring digital timers or phones into the sauna, sauna sand timers are the perfect solution.

Crafted from high-quality wood and glass designed to withstand the sauna’s extreme conditions, these timers come in various durations, with 15 minutes being the most common choice.


Wooden Sauna Pillow

A sauna pillow provides support for your neck and head, allowing you to lie down comfortably during a sauna session. This sauna accessory is considered essential as it enhances your overall sauna experience. 


Sauna whisk

Sauna whisks are typically made with birch twigs attached to a handle. They’re great for increasing circulation and relaxing muscles. To get your whisk ready, soak it in lukewarm water for at least 35 minutes.

After soaking, give it a gentle shake or squeeze to remove excess water. Then, take it into the sauna with you and use it to tap and brush your body gently. This is the most effective way to enjoy its benefits.


Sauna bench mat

A sauna bench mat enhances the sauna experience by providing protection against hard and hot surfaces, ensuring comfort while sitting or lying down.

It also minimizes the risk of slipping or sliding, as sauna benches can become wet from sweat. Additionally, the mat acts as a hygienic barrier, preventing direct contact with sweat, bacteria, and residues that can accumulate on the bench over time, thus reducing the risk of skin irritation or infections. Overall, using a sauna bench mat promotes comfort, safety, and hygiene during sauna sessions.


Now that you can pack like a pro for the sauna session, the only thing missing is your own personal sauna, and you’ll be all set to enjoy the relaxation in the sauna and its health benefits! We offer different types of saunas, such as infrared sauna, traditional sauna, and combination saunas. Simply visit our website to buy your own sauna for your home!


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