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Saunas Designed With your health in mind since 1988

Heavenly Heat builds chemically safe saunas of all types

No wood glue, Varnish, or Stains

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Since 1988
  • No Wood Glue
  • No Varnish
  • No Stains
  • 100% Poplar Wood

Heavenly Heat Saunas has been building Saunas for the chemically sensitive person since 1988. We build for optimal safety and most effective detoxification by using the best quality materials and unique construction methods that are more demanding than with ordinary saunas.

Far Infrared (FIR) Saunas are often constructed with materials that make them inappropriate for detoxification. Heavenly Heat Saunas provide an ideal environment for detoxification with non-resinous wood and unique no-adhesive construction methods.  Anyone seeking to eliminate toxic substances from their body, including heavy metals like mercury, will appreciate the value and wisdom of using a Heavenly Heat Sauna.

no wood glue, varnish, or stains

Far infrared (fir) saunas

Heats the body directly for effective use in a lower temp range of 90F-130F / Used dry only / Heavier sweat may be triggered than in a dry traditional sauna for aggressive detox / Microcirculation increased significantly & quickly / History of therapeutic use for pain and stiffness

Far Infrared (FIR) Saunas
Heavenly Heat Traditional Sauna
3 Person Traditional Sauna
no wood glue, varnish, or stains

Traditional Saunas

UL-approved stainless steel heaters and sauna rocks imported from Finland. / Use either dry or with light steam / A mild FIR & hot environment (hot stones and interior surfaces all radiate FIR. / A milder sweat is produced than all-FIR, but still effective for detox / A wide temperature range, clinically 110F-160F (otherwise about 130F-180F)*

no wood glue, varnish, or stains

Combination Saunas

Allows humidity control – create steam / Offer a wider temperature range / Can be larger, more comfortable saunas / Great for families – can be used as either type of sauna per personal preferences

Infrared and Traditional Combination Sauna - Heavenly Heat
1 Person Combination Sauna


Our Saunas Are Made in the USA