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Building Far-Infrared Saunas Since 1988

Heavenly Heat Saunas - Far Infrared Saunas FIR Saunas

A Traditional Model with Far Infrared

custom far infrared sauna with near infrared

A Custom FIR2 Sauna with NIR

Heavenly Heat Saunas has been building Saunas for the chemically sensitive person since 1988 – built for optimal safety and most effective detoxification by using the best quality of materials and with unique construction methods that are more demanding than with ordinary saunas.

Far infrared (FIR) saunas are often constructed with materials that make them inappropriate for detoxification. Heavenly Heat Saunas provide an ideal environment for detoxification with non-resinous wood and unique no-adhesive construction methods.  Anyone seeking to eliminate toxic substances from their body, including heavy metals like mercury, will appreciate the value and wisdom of using a Heavenly Heat Sauna.

No glue - toxin free sauna construction
Each board is double screwed at each end with non-corrosive steel screws.

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