Far Infrared (FIR) Saunas

  • Heats the body directly for effective use in a lower temp range of 90F-130F

  • Used dry only

  • Heavier sweat may be triggered than in a dry traditional sauna for aggressive detox

  • Microcirculation increased significantly & quickly

  • History of therapeutic use for pain and stiffness

We offer:

  • Two personal sized models designed to maximize infrared levels
  • Two models for 2-person saunas, one for a 15-amp and one for a 20-amp 120V circuit
  • A 3 and a 4-person model
  • Near-infrared can be added into any model. NIR is best used out-of-sight to eyes, and in conjunction with FIR for optimal affects
Far Infrared Sauna FIR1 from above

Model FIR1 – Max Exposure Far Infrared Sauna

(back-of-calves heater not viewable)

Far Infrared Sauna Heavenly Heat Model FIR2 NB2

Model FIR2 – 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

Sizes: exterior, include latches and trim & rounded-up to the nearest inch.
Sauna TypeModelRoom ForSize
D x W
Far Infrared SaunasFIR1-EcoPersonal44” x 40”4
Far Infrared SaunasFIR1Personal40” x 53”6
Far Infrared SaunasFIR22-person45” x 52”5
Far Infrared SaunasFIR2DX2-person45” x 54”6
Far Infrared SaunasFIR33-person45” x 71”8
Far Infrared SaunasFIR34-person54” x 73”8

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