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Can You Bring Your Phone in a Sauna

Can You Bring Your Phone in a Sauna?

Bringing your cell phone to the sauna for entertainment is a smart move. You can watch TikTok and take care of tasks while chilling in the sauna. Sounds great, right? Will it be allowed?

As a phone owner and sauna enthusiast, you might wonder, “Can I bring my phone to the sauna?” This article explores the safety and reasons behind bringing your phone in a sauna.

A sauna is a relaxing experience with multiple health benefits, but what about bringing your phone along? 

Can You Bring Your Phone in a Sauna

Taking your phone into a sauna is generally not recommended, especially in public saunas where most people avoid bringing their phones. Saunas are designed for 15 to 20 minutes of relaxation in a warm space, and the presence of phones with cameras can disrupt people’s privacy. Additionally, phone sounds may be disruptive to others trying to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere.

The normal temperature range for using smartphones is considered to be between 0°C and 35°C (32°F to 95°F). However, the temperature in a dry sauna typically ranges from 150-195 degrees Fahrenheit, and 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit for infrared saunas, making it too much for a cell phone to handle.

For the safety of your phone and to maintain a peaceful environment for everyone, it’s best to leave your phone outside before entering a sauna.

Pros and Cons of taking your phone in a sauna

Here are the pros and cons of bringing phones in the sauna to consider.


Stay Entertained

A phone is an amazing way to stay entertained and beat boredom in the sauna. You can play games, listen to music, check social media, or watch reels during your session.

Stay Productive

Staying entertained with reels and games is great, but sauna sessions offer an excellent chance to tackle small daily tasks like responding to emails, creating to-do lists, or scheduling appointments.

Stay Connected

Being able to get in contact with your friends, family, or colleagues easily and quickly is undoubtedly one of the biggest positives to having a cell phone in a sauna. 

Book Reading

Choosing to use a phone in the sauna offers a clear benefit: reading books becomes effortless, without concerns about heat and humidity damaging pages, as opposed to a physical book.

You can use your phone to check the time

Taking your phone to the sauna helps check the time. In the sauna, it’s crucial not to stay too long, as it can be bad for your health. Having your phone lets you keep track of time and know when your sauna session will end.


High humidity levels

Despite being labeled as waterproof or water-resistant, exposing your phone to high humidity inside a sauna can cause potential damage. While these devices offer some protection, it’s not recommended to bring them into environments with elevated humidity, such as saunas, where the combination of heat and moisture poses a risk to electronic components.

Privacy Concerns

Phones come with high-quality cameras, and if used inappropriately, they can compromise the privacy of other sauna users. Due to this significant risk, many public saunas have strict rules against bringing phones inside.

In places like saunas, gyms, or steam rooms where people typically wear short clothes, the presence of phones, equipped with cameras, can make others uncomfortable.

If you are permitted to bring your phone into a sauna, it’s advised to use it only for emergencies. Otherwise, it’s best to turn your phone off to respect the privacy and comfort of everyone in the sauna.

High temperature

Phones are generally not built to withstand the intense heat of a sauna, where temperatures can range from 150°F to 195°F. While some phones may be heat-resistant, it’s advisable to avoid taking your phone into a sauna to minimize the risk of damage.


Talking on the phone or listening to music may seem enjoyable to you, but it might be bothering the other people in the sauna who are trying to relax.  

Bad for your health

You should not bring your phone into a sauna, as it emits low-frequency EMF and ELF radiation. Scientists recommend protecting yourself from high EMF and ELF frequencies, as they can potentially damage human DNA and cells.

No peace of mind

The number one reason not to take your phone into a sauna is to ensure a relaxing experience. In a world filled with constant information bombardment, your mind deserves a break. The sauna provides a tranquil environment where you can sit, enjoy the warmth, and truly relax. Bringing your mobile phone may allow you to be present physically, but it stops you from truly relaxing and clearing your mind.

Difficulty in using the phone

It’s tough to use your phone if your hands are sweaty. Using it with sweaty hands can make it slip and risk damage. In a hot sauna, where you sweat a lot, using the phone becomes harder and the chance of it slipping increases.

How to keep a phone cool in a sauna?

While it’s generally not recommended to bring your phone into a sauna due to the risk of overheating and water damage,

if you choose to do so, it’s essential to take precautions. Protect your phone by placing it in a heat-resistant and waterproof case.

This safeguards your device from the sauna’s elevated temperatures and moisture, preventing potential battery drainage or damage.

If a dedicated case isn’t available, consider using a towel as an alternative, although we recommend a proper case for optimal protection against the heat and humidity of the sauna.


In conclusion, bringing your phone into a sauna may not be recommended due to potential damage from the combination of heat and humidity, as well as potential health concerns. Instead, consider utilizing your time in the sauna as an opportunity for mental relaxation.

If you feel it’s necessary to have your phone with you, use a heatproof and waterproof case to safeguard it. However, it’s important to recognize that bringing a phone into a sauna goes against the principles of sauna etiquette, as the presence of cameras and phone audio can invade the privacy of others, leading to discomfort.

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