Traditional Saunas

About our Traditional Saunas

  • UL-approved stainless steel heaters and sauna rocks imported from Finland
  • Use either dry or with light steam
  • A mild FIR & hot environment (hot stones and interior surfaces all radiate FIR)
  • A milder sweat is produced in a traditional sauna than in all-FIR, but still effective for detox
  • A wide temperature range, clinically 110F-160F (otherwise about 130F-180F)*
Heavenly Heat Traditional Sauna (3 Person)
Our 3 Person Traditional Model

Traditional Saunas use heaters and hot stones to heat the sauna room and get hotter (~180F) than Far Infrared (FIR) Saunas (~140F).

Heat Emission

Sauna rocks absorb and release heat, a crucial aspect of traditional saunas. They soak up the energy from the sauna’s heater and steadily radiate it, maintaining a consistent temperature.

Steam Generation

When water is poured on the rocks in a hot sauna, it vaporizes, and creates the humid, steamy atmosphere that is a signature of traditional heat saunas.

Radiant Heat

Sauna rocks emit radiant heat, a key feature in creating the enveloping warmth of a heat sauna. This type of heat transfer is efficient and adds depth to the sauna experience

Circulatory Health

The heat of a traditional sauna, and especially the radiant heat from the sauna rocks encourages blood vessel dilation and improves circulation.


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