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Heavenly Heat Infrared Heaters

ACTUALLY Near Zero Electric and Magnetic Fields throughout the sauna


Other 'Low EMF' or 'Ultra Low EMF' Heaters

  • Advertised as Low EMF but they have hot spots in the sauna that can get to 180+ mg. 
  • Electric Field Levels above 600 mv/m. 

When we were contemplating making the switch from Ceramic Heaters to Carbon Heaters, we purchased a handful of Low EMF / Ultra Low EMF heaters to test out. We also purchase some low EMF / Ultra Low EMF saunas to test. The results were preposterous. The electric field levels on some of them got over 100 mv/m and there were hotspots for magnetic fields reaching over 180+ mg. These saunas were advertised as having under 2 mg magnetic fields. 


The companies say their heaters are 3rd party tested to be low EMF, which is true (kind of). The heaters truly do have low magnetic fields. EMF stands for Electric and Magnetic Fields, however, and these heaters have very high electric fields. When companies say the heaters are third party tested, that third part is only testing the heater itself. They don’t test the sauna with the heater installed. When you install Low magnetic field heaters without shielding the wires behind the heater, you still get extremely high magnetic field readings in the sauna. It is easy to take pictures of the spots in the heater that have low magnetic field readings and not include the high readings. It is also easy to take multiple readings from the lower magnetic field spots in the sauna and the advertise the ‘average’ magnetic field reading

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