Key Takeaways:

Consideration Detail
FIR Technology Ideal for small spaces due to its efficient heat distribution.
Space Planning Calculate space, ensuring enough for 2-3 people and proper ventilation.
Customization Utilize free CAD design assistance for a personalized sauna layout.
Materials Choose  non-resinous wood like Hemlock or Poplar.
Heating Solutions Opt for efficient FIR heaters for the best experience.

Saunas are increasingly becoming a staple in home wellness practices, offering a private oasis for relaxation and health benefits. However, incorporating a sauna into a small urban home necessitates meticulous planning and design considerations to ensure optimal use of space and functionality. Infrared Saunas are easier to incorporate into your home because of their electrical requirements and size. Infrared heaters only take up a few inches and mount to the walls of the sauna vs. traditional stone heaters which take up considerably more space. Most Infrared Saunas use a standard 120V plug and need 20 Amps, while traditional saunas generally require 240V and 30A+.

The Essence of Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna Technology


Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna technology stands out as an exceptional choice for small urban homes. Its ability to provide deep, penetrating heat ensures a more efficient and comfortable sauna experience, making it particularly suitable for spaces where traditional saunas may not be practical.

Space Planning for Saunas in Urban Homes

Space Utilization Trends

Efficient use of space is paramount. It involves calculating the available area while ensuring comfort for two to three people. Strategic sauna placement enhances the aesthetics and functionality of your home without compromising the rest of your living space.

Sauna Design Customization Options

We understand that every urban home is unique. That’s why we offer Custom Sauna solutions to ensure your sauna fits perfectly within your space constraints and reflects your personal style.

Quality Construction and Materials

Material Preference Trends

The materials used in your sauna’s construction not only impact its durability but also its ability to provide consistent, efficient heat. We recommend using non-resinous woods such as Hemlock or Poplar.

Efficient Heating Solutions for Small Saunas

At Heavenly Heat, we specialize in efficient FIR heaters that are designed to maximize your sauna experience while being perfectly suited for small spaces.

Crafting an Urban Oasis: Tips and Tricks

Sauna Design Preferences

Creating a sauna in a small urban home is not just about fitting it into a limited space but about integrating it seamlessly into your life. Utilizing space-saving designs and blending the sauna into your home decor can transform it into a focal point of relaxation and style.


Installing a sauna in a small urban home is an attainable goal with the right planning and consideration. By prioritizing efficient technology like FIR, customizable design options, high-quality materials, and efficient heating solutions, you can create a relaxing oasis that meets your needs and enhances your home. Remember, thorough planning and selecting the right options will lead to the best outcome for your urban sauna experience.

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