Heavenly Heat Far Infrared (FIR) Heaters

Tall boxed far infrared sauna ceramic heaters
Here are our tall boxed heaters next to a 2-emitter stack of ceramic plates

Heavenly Heat Saunas uses the newest ceramic Far Infrared (FIR) sauna heaters: ceramic-coated stainless steel.

Why?  They are more powerful than plastic “carbon” heaters and larger and more durable than “solid ceramics”. The ceramic is a natural blend of clay and minerals based on the first FIR sauna heaters that were patented in Japan. This ideal mix is baked-on to form a hard glaze.

These heaters are highly emissive over all FIR sauna wavelengths

  • Emit lots of FIR: much more than carbon heaters per area.
  • Are more durable than other ceramics and yield better body coverage than small plates.
  • Are made of natural materials; carbon heaters are largely synthetic and covered by cloth.
  • Many “low-EMF” carbon heaters are plastic with black cloth glued on. They are longer than plate emitters (much longer than 2 stacked emitters), with wider reflectors, to avoid the sensation of “hot spots”.

The small emitters are grouped to approach adequate body heating. A sauna with 5 stacks has 5 heaters, not the 10 that may be described.


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