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Our outdoor Saunas

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Dual Heating System

Our Outdoor Saunas come with a traditional stone heater and Low EMF Infrared Heaters similar to our combination saunas. You can choose to run either heating system by itself or run them at the same time (the Infrared will turn off at 150F).

Great for families

You don’t have to compromise over what heating system to get because our outdoor saunas come with both. Limited on space inside? Check out our new outdoor model. 

Customizable Experience

Want a very hot sauna session? Great, use the traditional heater. Want a relaxing session focused on maximizing sweat? Use the infrared. Want to heat your sauna up faster for an infrared session, especially if it’s cold outside? Turn both heaters on to speed up the heating. 

Outdoor Combination Sauna

Two Person Outdoor Sauna ​

  • Slanted Roof with Asphalt Shingles
  • Our Outdoor Saunas are Combination Infrared / Traditional
  • Traditional Heater 240V, 30 Amp (Electrician Required)
  • Infrared Heaters 120V, Dedicated 20 Amp
  • Exterior: 59 in. Width / 43 in. Depth / 84 in. Height
  • Interior: 55 in. Width / 39 in. Depth / 71 in. Height

Customizable Experience

The temperature can be precisely controlled in a combination sauna. Users can adjust the infrared heat and the traditional heat sources separately, tailoring the sauna experience for different users.

Heat Distribution

The traditional part of the sauna heats the air, while the infrared panels directly warm the body. This combination provides the user with the ability to choose how they want to experience the sauna. 

Benefits Of Infrared

Infrared heating is known for its health benefits, including deeper muscle relaxation and improved circulation. Including it in combination saunas adds a therapeutic dimension to the traditional heat sauna.

If you need a larger or custom built sauna you can contact us


Our outdoor sauna is a combination sauna meaning it uses a traditional stone heater and far infrared heaters.

Installing an outdoor combination sauna is similar to installing the indoor models. The sauna comes in panels that are assembled by linking tongue in groove. The indoor models use metal clasps on the exterior to secure the panels together, while the outdoor models use screws in pre-drilled holes for assembly. The traditional heater requires an electrician to install the 240V power supply  and the Infrared needs a dedicated 20A outlet. The lights can connect to any 110-120V outlet.

Make sure to regularly clean the sauna. Any leaves or debris that sit for too long on the roof can degrade the integrity of the shingles just like any shingled roof.

Yes, you can use the outdoor sauna year-around. The combined heating elements will help the sauna heat faster in cold temperatures.

We have a 4 year warranty on all parts of the outdoor saunas.

If you need a larger or custom built sauna you can fill out this form.


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