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EMF Videos

In this video you’ll our Heavenly Heat 1 Person Infrared Sauna EMF levels compared to other ‘Low EMF’ and ‘Ultra Low EMF’ saunas.

In our search for low EMF carbon heaters, we purchased a ‘Low EMF Sauna’ and an ‘Ultra Low EMF Sauna’ from two different companies. When we tested these saunas, they were nowhere near being low EMF.

The electric fields were extremely high and the magnetic fields had areas 10x as high as the advertised EMF levels.


VOC Testing Report

Even though at Heavenly Heat we: 

  • Build without glues, plywood, or stains
  • Use glass light coverings
  • Use non-resinous wood
  • Don’t insert plastic speakers in the ceiling 

We recently got our Infrared Sauna VOC tested. The tests are extremely sensitive and picked up trace elements due to the environment (outside the sauna). We ran one test of just the environment and one test in the sauna while heating. There were no additional VOCs introduced by the sauna and the readings were lower inside the sauna than in the environment. We are working on performing a new test in a better controlled environment.