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Far Infrared (FIR) Saunas

The key characteristic of far-infrared (FIR) energy is its’ ability to directly heat the body. FIR is readily absorbed by our bodies which allows for enhanced detoxification in lower temperature saunas.

Features of Our Far-Infrared Saunas

  1. A common flaw in other FIR saunas is poor air quality. They often rely on noisy fans or ion air cleaners that do not absorb the gaseous toxins released from the body. With our innovative designs, outside air is channeled in and around each wall heater and warmed so that fresh hot air continuously enters the sauna, displacing the stale air. A clean-air environment is critical for healthful sauna detox and is an integral part of all Heavenly Heat FIR saunas.
  2. The contaminated out-going air is carbon-filtered to protect your living space. Carbon does absorb gaseous toxins.
  3. We provide deep seats, long benches and comfortable leg room in all models.
  4. Our state-of-the-art, no-adhesive construction requires thicker wood and therefore makes a stronger and more substantial sauna.
  5. Our low allergen “poplar wood saunas” are specially designed for safe use by those with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity.) Our saunas are “all poplar” - made without any of the cheap pine framing found in other self-proclaimed “hypoallergenic saunas.” Heavenly Heat has been the innovator in sauna purity, safety and comfort for decades.
  6. Despite their weight, our saunas are easier to move and assemble. Our smaller component wall panels can be carried through any doorway by a single person, and latch together with stainless steel buckles.

Exceptional Infrared Heaters

We use ceramic-covered stainless steel FIR heaters. The ceramic is an ideal mix of clay and minerals (zirconium oxide) based on the first FIR sauna heaters patented in Japan. It is baked-on to form a hard glaze. We use them for 3 reasons:

  1. They emit far-infrared energy at a higher rate than most solid-ceramic plate emitters.
  2. They are more durable than ceramic tubes, and due to their size, yield better body coverage than plate emitters.
  3. They are powerful and provide the “dose” of FIR energy needed to create the most-effective detoxification. A MUCH greater quantity of infrared energy is emitted by our heaters than by the weak carbon-based heaters.

Consumers should be wary of claims stating that carbon or carbon/ceramic FIR heaters provide more FIR than ceramics do because they are larger. That seems logical, but the same amount of electric power is just spread over a larger heat emitter; this just results in a VERY weak heater emitting much less FIR than ceramics. While promoted as “state-of-the-art” heating, the bottom-line, for assessing FIR heating, is the amount of FIR energy that is provided to the bather, and all else – like “special wavelengths” - is hype


Many customers with Lyme disease select this option to increase the sauna’s intensity.

You can add near-infrared into our saunas with our "NIR" option. While FIR initiates a good sweat, NIR adds to the levels of infrared energy the body receives and targets parts of the body that are typically not addressed directly in FIR saunas.

Near-infrared must be positioned strategically for safety and should not be positioned directly in front of the upper body.

Feel free to contact us for reliable technical information –

The Far-Infrared Models


Our personal sauna surrounds you with 6 FIR heaters for ideal exposure. Other brands of the 1-person FIR models are less-comfortable with dramatically lower FIR exposure. Ours is designed for its detox value – it’s considered the most powerful infrared sauna made!

FIR heaters at seat      Ouside the FIR1      Overhead Pano of FIR sauna

The small circles are air vents where warmed fresh air is entering the sauna.

Similar venting is found in each FIR model.

There are 3 heaters aligned with your legs – a large one in front of each leg and another behind both legs. A 4th heater is at the back, plus 1 at each side of the body. There are 2 windows - 1 at your side and another in the wall which you face. Optionally, you can omit one or both windows.

The FIR1 is comfortable: the seat is over 30” long and extra-deep at over 20”; there is over 24” of leg room; and a footrest keeps your feet near the base of the heaters, rather than in the cooler air at the floor. This model plugs into a standard, grounded, 15-amp, 120V outlet.


Available in two versions (not counting customizations):

The FIR2DX has 6 heaters and provides FIR energy for two people. A small vertical heater is at the end of the seat, in the side wall, so a sole bather can stretch out and retain FIR exposure upon their back. Back-heating in FIR saunas elicits the desired detox sweat.

 Jenny McCarthy loves her FIR2DX      Standard FIR2 GL1     FIR2DX overhead

This model is larger than most 2-person FIR saunas and must plug into a 20-amp, 110V circuit. Pre-wired, metal-grilled stereo speakers are included, mounted under the seat, away from the hottest air.

For those without a 20-amp circuit, the FIR2 model has the same interior layout and size but the end-of-bench heater is omitted so it can be used on a common 15-amp, 120V outlet.


At almost 6’ long, the FIR3 is a very spacious 3-person FIR sauna.

FIR3       Standard FIR3 front      FIR3 seating

In the FIR3, a solo bather is able to recline on a 5’7” long bench. It uses 8 FIR heaters, including one for the back of each bather’s legs. A 20-amp, 120V circuit is required.


This is a great unit for family use.

The 4-person sauna is 54” deep by 73” side-to-side. It plugs into a 20-amp, 120V* grounded outlet. The leg room is about 21” across. There are 8 heaters – 4 above bench, 4 below.

 FIR4 over-head       FIR4 with 4 heaters

* 240V volt heaters can be substituted, and larger 240V saunas can be built to-order.

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